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There are many features, both standard and optional, associated with Jan-Air products making them highly customizable. Choose certain features to add durability and/or others to reduce the effects of corrosion.

The material chosen is usually based on the application for the product. We offer three varieties of stainless steel, two types of aluminum alloy, monel, and cold-rolled steel.
Read more about MATERIALS...
Reinforcement Features
Reinforcement Options
We also offer many reinforcement options such as internal bracing, peripheral rings, reinforcement disks, epoxy resins, and copper brazing. Some of these reinforcements come standard on high-RPM wheels, while others are sometimes requested by the customer. If you know your application will require a significantly more rugged wheel, let us know your application, and we can make reinforcement recommendations accordingly. Read more about REINFORCEMENT...
Surface Finish
Surface Finish
Many types of surface finishes are offered by Jan-Air. Jan-Air gray is our standard paint, but we also offer high-temperature aluminum paint, powder coating, and a variety of plating and polishing options. Read more about SURFACE FINISH...