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History of Jan-Air

John Janette
Mr. John Janette
New Location
Right: Mr. Ken Bergsma,
Middle: Mrs. Veronica Nett,
Left: Mr. Ed Sattersten

The Janette Manufacturing Company was founded in 1909 and located in Chicago, Illinois.  By 1932, Janette Engineers designed the “multi-blade,” forward curved blower wheel, and its design is still used today.  Janette Manufacturing began as a manufacturer of motor, generators, dynamotors, blower wheels, motor generators, rotary converters, and motorized speed reducers, but the need for a more specialized company was soon realized.  In 1949, the fan division of Janette Manufacturing was purchased by Mr. John Janette.  It was called Jan-Air, Inc. and was moved to Richmond, Illinois.  With a new location and name, Jan-Air, Inc. primarily focused on the manufacturing of centrifugal blower wheels.  With ten employees, Jan-Air’s most significant product line was forward curved wheels mainly applied throughout the OEM oil/gas burner industry along with applications for other fan manufacturers.  In 1968, Mr. Janette passed away and left the management of Jan-Air to Mr. Ken Bergsma and Mr. Ed Sattersten.  In 1969, a devastating fire destroyed nearly the entire manufacturing facility, and the company was moved three blocks north to a 20,000 square-foot facility in 1970.  In 1974, the company was purchased by Bergsma and Sattersten, and they employed 25-30 people depending on the season and fluctuating business demands.

Ownership changed hands again in 2005 to Jan-Air’s current President, Mr. Mark Sattersten (son of Mr. Ed Sattersten).  From the first line of Janette blower wheels produced in 1909, and throughout the generations of ownership, Jan-Air, Inc. has consistently maintained the same commitment to producing high-quality and affordable air movement products.  The current ownership has maintained this commitment through the investment of state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and software.  In January of 2008, a major 12,000 square-foot building addition and Trumpf TruLaser were added to the Jan-Air facility bringing the total square footage of the Jan-Air facility to 31,800.  Other major equipment additions include a 2006 CNC lathe, a 2006 CNC brake press, and several 2008 energy efficient air compressors.  A significant amount of work and investment have also been devoted to the overall digitalization and automation of the company through the use of CAD and CAM software.  A CNC welder and a 5-axis CNC vertical mill are also being considered as potential machine investments in the near future.