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On-Site Performance Testing

Our laboratory features an advanced flow meter furnished with digital sensors and custom designed software for completely automated data collection and reporting. Our customers receive testing at a significantly-reduced rates with a schedule that doesn't delay their projects. Using AMCA 210 Standards per Figure 12 or Figure 15, we can test blower configurations up to 10,000 CFM, 10" Wg, and 40 HP.

Please contact us to schedule laboratory testing.

Custom-Made Software for Testing Fans
Automated Data Collection Sensor Bench
Test Chamber Precision Spun Nozzles

Finite Element Analysis and Destructive Testing

FEA Progression


Advanced CAD software such as CFD Flow Simulation and Finite Element Structural Analysis provide our design teams the best possible decision making for custom and new products. This can be coupled with laboratory testing and destructive testing for complete product confidence. Talk with one of our engineers about the new technologies available for your next application.


Live support for technical questions, design reviews, new or custom applications, quality control, special quotations, and much more . Discuss your unique application with an engineer or call for help diagnosing an issue. Jan-Air wants you to know we are here to help, and we don't mind taking the time to have a conversation about your next best project. Contact us today for support.


Our design services for custom products made at Jan-Air are at no cost to OEM businesses. Using the latest technologies and equipment, we can take your idea from concept and transform it into an industrial air movement product ready for today's market. Special OEM design is a core product niche of Jan-Air. Work with us to get blower designs made exclusively for you and sold only by you.

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